#GLAD24 at somos: free access for 15 teachers of minoritized languages πŸš€

updated on 24 April 2024
ALT: a student enjoys their first language lesson on somos with their new teacher 😎
ALT: a student enjoys their first language lesson on somos with their new teacher 😎

🀯 tl;dr - fast facts

  • 🎁 to celebrate #GLAD24, we're giving away up to 15 pro (annual) subscriptions for teachers of minoritized languages (worth $240 each)! unlock the full potential of your language teaching with somos.

  • πŸ—“οΈ SIGN UP HERE TO APPLY for your free access from 22 february until 12 april. winners will be announced from 1 april onwards!

  • ℹ️ by "minoritized languages," we refer to languages that may be marginalized, persecuted, repressed, or even banned in certain contexts. during the application process, we'll ask you to share your specific context.

  • πŸ‘‡πŸΎ find out everything you need to know below!

🌍 #GLAD24: no justice without language rights

somos is a proud member of the global coalition of language rights, a network of organisations and individuals working at the intersection of language, digital and human rights.

for the last two years, the coalition and its members have marked global advocacy language day ("GLAD" - 22 february) with a series of events advocating for language rights and linguistic justice around the world.

this year, #GLAD24 will be a global event, uniting language rights advocates, activists, and organizations in a coordinated effort to raise awareness and ignite meaningful conversations about the crucial importance of language rights. 

the theme for #GLAD24 is no justice without language rights, emphasizing the profound impact language rights have on our lives and communities.

"Language rights are at the heart of a just and equitable society. They empower individuals and communities, preserve cultural heritage, and promote inclusivity. In a world where language is a fundamental part of our identity, denying language rights can have serious consequences. Our core message remains unchanged: Language Rights For All People!}

global coalition of language rights

language rights are central to our mission at somos and we're excited to launch our #GLAD24 giveaway to help mark the campaign!

let's dig in and find out more...

πŸš€ somos + #GLAD24: launching our first teaching product whilst prioritising language & worker rights

since launching somos at the end of 2021, we've been trying to slowly (but surely!) build an organisation with social justice embedded into every aspect of who we are and how we're run.

so far we've... 

what's next

come march 2024, we'll be launching our first revenue generating product for language teachers! 

language teachers will be able to create, sell and teach 1:1 classes, monthly subscriptions and give access to patreon-style communities hosted on our platform

our aim is to offer affordable options for language teachers to run their businesses online whilst also providing long-term security in the form of shared ownership. 

as we launch our product, we're inviting teachers of minoritized languages to be among the first to experience what somos has to offer through our #GLAD24 giveaway!

we want to do more than launch a product; we want to set a precedent for supporting minoritized languages from day one by gifting πŸš€ 15 pro subscriptions (our best deal) for free!!

curious about what the giveaway includes? let's find out!

 πŸŽ what's included in our #GLAD24 giveaway…

what you get with a free πŸš€ pro subscription... 

  • βœ… free marketing website/teacher profile
  • βœ… create, sell and teach 1:1 language classes
  • βœ… 0% somos commission on any sales
  • βœ… subscription fees ($240) waived for 1 year. no obligation to continue.
  • βœ… eligibility for our co-ownership scheme

things to be aware of...

  • πŸ”  each free subscription is initially for a year, but we're open to discussing extensions on a case-by-case basis, in partnership with the educator involved.
  • ✊🏾 the offer is for everyone but we’d love primarily to work with educators who support the broad mission of the coalition.
  • πŸ’š 1% of all sales made on our platform goes to our impact fund. this charge will apply to giveaway winners too.
  • πŸ’³  we use stripe for payment processing (necessary for making sales), with charges ranging from approximately 1.5% to 3.8% per transaction, depending on the customer's location. these fees go directly to stripe. 
  • πŸ“š to take advantage of the giveaway, you'll need to create an account with us. for common FAQs, check out our before you join guide.
  • ℹ️ by "minoritized languages," we refer to languages that may be marginalized, persecuted, repressed, or even banned in certain contexts. during the application process, we'll ask you to share your specific context. 
ALT: infographic setting out the main features of the pro plan that teachers will get for free as part of the #GLAD24 giveaway on somos
ALT: infographic setting out the main features of the pro plan that teachers will get for free as part of the #GLAD24 giveaway on somos

πŸ“ how to apply for the giveaway...

whether you're new to somos or already part of our community, applying for the giveaway is straightforward.

ready to get started? here’s what you need to do:.

for new users: 

  1. create a new teacher account with us here.
  2. follow the onboarding process (you'll be guided to set up your profile, get id verified, join our teaching platform - πŸ’š heartbeat and connect to stripe).
  3. spot the #glad24 giveaway" banner on your dashboard (https://my.somos.education/dashboard). click it to begin your application!

for existing teachers:  

  1. ensure you've connected to stripe so you can receive payments.
  2. you'll see the "#glad24 giveaway" banner on your dashboard (https://my.somos.education/dashboard). clicking it will take you straight to the application form!

the application form... 

we've designed this to be short and sweet, you'll be invited to let us know: 

  1. the minoritized language you teach and some context around it
  2. how we can best promote you (and any advocacy work you do)
  3. the most important platform features for you
  4. any additional requirements you have, such as accessibility needs, to make sure our platform works for you.

GOOD LUCK! we can't wait to hear from you!

✊🏾 #GLAD24 - connect with the movement

our campaign at somos is just one tiny part of #GLAD24 this year!

dive into the full lineup of events at the dedicated site but here are a few highlights we're especially excited about: πŸ‘‡πŸΎ

the african languages conference (21 to 28 feb)

  • this event is a pivotal platform for language activists, scholars, linguists, educators, and enthusiasts to converge, exchange ideas, and foster collaborations aimed at promoting the rich tapestry of African languages.
  • this year’s conference has 20 sessions, most of which will be held in african indigenous languages.
  • the sessions will be in Wolof, Zulu, Twi, Yoruba, Kiswahili, Sheng’, Igbo, Nigerian Pidgin English, French and English.

linguistic refoulement: exploring the intersection between language and asylum

  • katie becker's blog post explores the concept of "linguistic refoulement" in the U.S. asylum system, particularly affecting Indigenous-language speakers.
  •  becker argues that the lack of language-access protections leads to the return of vulnerable individuals to dangerous situations, shedding light on systemic failures and the struggles faced by indigenous asylum seekers.

we're curious to hear about your favorites!

share the #GLAD24 events and moments that inspire you. use the #GLAD24 hashtag and tag us to let us in on your experiences and thoughts.

let's amplify the conversation around language rights together! 🌍

join somos πŸš€ teach languages, co-own the platform!

πŸ› οΈ everything you need to build your online teaching business.

πŸŽ“ host communities, create, sell and teach classes & courses - all in one place!

🌱 champion language diversity, heritage languages, and language rights.

🀝 co-owners, not customers. earn shares in somos doing what you love.

find out more

welcome to somos πŸš€... an edtech startup? sure, but more than that we're a social enterprise on a mission to create a first of its kind platform co-owned by language teachers...

at somos, we understand that language teachers, especially those teaching minoritized languages, need more platforms that truly value educators and promote linguistic diversity. 🌈

we're here to build more than just tools for teaching - we want to be part of movements championing language, migrant & worker rights. ✊🏾

all of our paid pricing plans offer paths to co-ownership in somos.

why? we don't want customers, we're inviting co-owners who can help us build a new kind of platform and be rewarded fairly for doing so.

as a co-owner in somos, you'll be a crucial part of a global community celebrating languages, peoples, cultures and fair pay for educators. 

we're aiming to give you the tools to make meaningful connections with students, fellow teachers, activists, and grassroots organizations, all while having the power to create and sell your own digital language products.

we want our mission to cut across not just everything we do but how we do it. 

along with co-ownership for teachers, we also have a community ownership programme for grassroots organisations and have put a unique entry-level hiring programme in place for refugees living in limbo.

ready to transform your teaching and make a real difference? get on board and let's change the world of language learning together 🌍

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