empower students with live classes & courses 📚

offer personalized 1:1 and group classes or interactive cohort-based courses that make a lasting impact! 

help your students succeed and achieve their language goals!

screenshot of a published course
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screenshot of a published course
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diverse teaching formats for every need 🎓

cater to different learning styles and preferences with our flexible teaching options.

  • live courses: transforming language learning 🌟

    craft immersive 4-week courses with workshops, homework, peer-to-peer sessions and chat channels for an engaging learning experience.

  • coming soon

    1:1 classes: personalised language coaching 🎯

    offer tailored instruction to meet individual student needs, helping them progress faster and achieve their language goals. set your own rates. 

  • coming soon

    group classes: learn together, grow together 🤝

    host one-off group sessions to explore topics, share insights, and foster collaborative learning among students. set your own rates. 

the ultimate live learning experience 🌟

create & sell live, 4-week long courses combining workshops, homework, peer-to-peer sessions and chat channels. 

offer your students a comprehensive, engaging learning journey whilst making better use of your time.

how it works...

  • 1

    😎 create a somos profile

    we'll guide you through onboarding so that your profile & community channels are set up in no time!

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  • 2

    🏦 connect to stripe

    easily set up and connect your stripe account, a trusted payment processor, to receive payments for your courses directly.

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  • 3

    create your first course! 🎨

    design an engaging 4-week live course with workshops, homework, and practice sessions using our intuitive course builder.

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  • 4

    we'll market you & your course together 📢

    when you join somos, we support your success by:

    • featuring you in our teacher blog series to showcase your expertise
    • providing tailored pre-launch plans to help you effectively market your courses
    • inviting you to record video promos that highlight your personality and teaching skills
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  • 5

    run your course from anywhere 💻

    schedule your course at your convenience and access powerful tools on the somos platform:

    • dedicated video/voice rooms for workshops and practice groups
    • specific discussion threads for homework, cohort chat, and course curriculum
    • an integrated calendar to send workshop invites automatically to students upon enrollment
    • a documents area to save and share materials with your students
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teach online? see how we can support you!

we're on a mission to help you earn & live well by building the best online ecosystem for teachers around the world!