earn more, work less & build your own student community

teaching languages online 1:1 can be tough! create & lead conversation based courses with somos and:

🚀 earn from $240+ per course
💚 avoid long hours & burnout
🤝 build ongoing relationships with your students

find out more below

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teach 4-week long, conversation based language courses!

want to diversify beyond 1:1 online language teaching? we're looking for teachers to create & lead conversation based courses. 

set your own rate (typically $25 to $100/student) for courses of 12 - 40 people. 

if you'd like to earn more, have better access to your students and be able to cross-sell 1:1 classes commission free take a look below...  

check out our commission model 

how it works...

  • 1

    apply to teach with somos 👋🏽

    we're actively looking for teachers to lead language, culture & heritage courses at somos!

    we'd especially love to hear from you if you teach heritage languages or are trying to help support the survival or revitalization of your language. 

    check out the below for guidance and the application form 😀

    a teacher applying to join somos
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    create your first course! 🎨

    the beta version of our courses platform will be going live in Q1 2023 🎉 

    once you're invited to join, you'll be able to create courses to sell.

    how it works...

    course structure

    • 4 weeks long 
    • 12 - 40 students per cohort
    • set your own price (typically $25 to $100 per student) 
    • 1 teacher led workshop per week with the whole cohort 
    • 1 x homework assignments per week 
    • 1 x peer-to-peer practice group session per week in groups of 4 (no teacher)
    • whatsapp style group for cohort + teacher to interact across the 4 weeks
    • 1 x celebration session with whole cohort at the end

    create your own content

    • each week you'll be able to set a different topic focus 
    • the workshops will introduce the structure for the rest of the sessions 
    • you can set the homework assignments during workshops
    • homework assignments act as prompts to encourage discussion in the practice groups!
    a somos teacher creating a course
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    we'll market you & your course together 📢

    as an online language teacher, we appreciate you may teach 1:1 classes on multiple sites, create video & podcast content, post on socials, maintain a website, run a patreon etc... 

    to help support you drive organic traffic to all your channels, we've created a shareable, public profile link to help you earn & live well.  

    this is available for all teachers, not just those that teach courses with somos

    if you do teach courses with somos or are a member of our free to join teachers' community, we'll also be happy to include you in our monthly community spotlight blogs and help you market your courses & yourself online via our socials :)

    cheering on somos teachers
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    run your course from anywhere 💻

    set the dates that work best for you for your course! 

    the somos platform includes:

    • a dedicated video/voice room for you to run your workshop
    • dedicated video/voice rooms for each practice group
    • specific discussion threads for homework, general cohort chat, course curriculum etc. 
    • integrated calendar for you to send workshop invites automatically to your students when they purchase a course. 
    • a documents area for you to save & share materials with your students.
    a somos teacher leading a workshop
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    stay connected to your students 🤝

    when you join somos, you'll be invited to host your own patreon style gated community for your past, current and future students !  

    how it works:

    • you set your own rate for monthly/annual subscriptions.
    • somos takes a small commission from your subscriptions (95% to you, 4% to us & 1% to our impact fund).
    • you will be able to share content, host clubs, discussions & events, market & upsell any new courses (or language products you sell outside of somos) to your students.
    • along with channels for posts & discussions, you will have your own voice/video room you can teach 1:1 classes in... entirely commission free!
    somos community members catching up