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speak your way to fluency with our cohort based conversation courses:

⭐️ take part in our teacher-led workshops.
⭐️ practice with dedicated students like you!
⭐️ make friends, build a community, learn a language! 

check out how it works!  

teacher and student taking a language class online
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join our 4-week long, conversation based language courses!

trying to reconnect with your heritage language? settling into a new country? or learning because you love to? 

our live, teacher-led courses will have you practicing as much as possible!

how it works...

  • 1

    teacher-led workshops

    each week, you will explore a conversation topic in a live workshop led by a teacher! 

    you'll also have access to your teacher's chat channel, private community and document library to help support you during your course!

    a somos teacher leading a workshop
  • 2

    structured homework assignments

    at the end of each workshop, your teacher will set you some homework. 

    this will help you reinforce what you've learned and prepare you for your peer-to-peer practice group!  

    for accountability, you can share your finished assignment in your cohort's homework channel. 

    a somos teacher marking some homework
  • 3

    peer-to-peer conversation practice groups

    each week, you'll have a conversation practice session with three other dedicated learners!

    your practice group will have its own voice/video chat room. 

    if you'd like to get together and practice more, you most definitely can!

    somos students in a peer-to-peer practice session
  • 4

    community chat channels

    your teacher and entire cohort will be added to a chat group for the duration of your course!

    introduce yourself, ask questions, make friends!

    somos students chatting in the community channel
  • 5

    celebrate your learning & get your completion certificate!

    at the end of your course, you'll meet for one last time as a cohort to share learnings & celebrate completing the course!

    you'll also earn a certificate of completion you can share on linkedin 😀

    a somos student with a completion certificate

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