languages policy at somos 🌍

at somos, we are deeply committed to championing language rights, supporting endangered and minoritized languages, and fostering a diverse community of teachers and learners.

we understand that offering our services in as many languages as possible, including endangered and minoritized ones, is essential to achieving our mission and vision.

our approach and its limitations

  • recognizing our current limitations 🚧

    we acknowledge that, as a small and growing social enterprise, our current communications and services are primarily available in english. this limitation doesn't align with our vision for a multilingual and inclusive platform that supports language rights and cultural heritage.

  • working towards a multilingual future 🌈

    we are actively working towards expanding our multilingual communications strategy, with the goal of making somos accessible to a broader range of language learners and teachers.

    as we grow and collaborate with more language professionals, we will strive to create resources and materials in a wide variety of languages, giving special attention to endangered and minoritized ones.

  • committed to fair & responsible practices 🀝

    as we expand our language offerings, we pledge to work with translators and language professionals in a manner that aligns with our responsible business principles and values.

    this means ensuring fair pay, fostering collaborative relationships, and upholding the rights and well-being of our partners.

  • your support & understanding πŸ™

    we appreciate your understanding and patience as we work diligently to create a more inclusive and multilingual somos platform.

    together, we can build a vibrant, diverse, and accessible community that champions language rights and celebrates the beauty of our shared linguistic heritage.

a word on linguistic diversity and innovation...

🌐 we believe that all languages and linguistic forms deserve equal respect and recognition.

πŸŽ‰ we celebrate language innovation and appreciate that languages are shaped by people, culture, movement, and so much more.

🀝 we strive to create an environment where teachers can share their unique language experiences and knowledge on an equal footing.

🌱 this may involve teaching not only languages but also their cultural context, enriching the learning experience for students.

🌈 we value regional and cultural differences within languages and linguistic structures, recognizing that diversity is an essential aspect of our shared linguistic heritage.

πŸ“£ somos is explicitly committed to being a platform where minoritized languages are shared, taught, and celebrated, fostering a more inclusive and equitable approach to language learning and teaching.

πŸ’ͺ by embracing linguistic diversity and innovation, we aim to challenge and dismantle any hierarchy of languages or accents, promoting a more inclusive and empowering vision of language education.

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