co-ownership, language diversity & teacher well-being.

just some of the things that drive us at somos! learn more about our mission, vision and how we operate as a social enterprise below. 

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welcome to somos πŸš€

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a creator platform? sure, but more than that we're a social enterprise on a mission to create a first of its kind platform co-owned by language teachers... 

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khawar malik

founder & ceo | somos πŸš€

teaching languages online is HARD, especially if you're teaching a minoritized language.

language teachers often face a tough choice: pay high commissions to marketplaces or juggle multiple roles β€” teacher, marketer, accountant, and product designer β€” when going solo.

somos isn't a teaching marketplace. we believe in a different model, one where you keep your hard-earned revenue.

we want to simplify your life by providing the tools you need to teach creatively, seek out your ideal students, and build a sustainable online teaching business.

we're committed to more than just developing teaching software - we want to be part of movements championing language, migrant & worker rights. ✊🏾

that's why our paid subscribers can become co-owners in somos.

why? because we don't want customers, we want co-owners who can help us build a new kind of platform and be rewarded fairly for doing so.

as a co-owner in somos, you'll be a crucial part of a global community celebrating languages, peoples, cultures and fair pay for educators.

we're aiming to provide you with the tools to make meaningful connections with students, fellow teachers, activists, and grassroots organizations, all while having the power to create and sell your own digital language products.

our mission shapes everything we do and how we do it.

along with co-ownership for teachers, we also have a community ownership programme for grassroots organisations and have put a unique entry-level hiring programme in place for refugees living in limbo.

ready to transform your teaching and make a real difference? join somos today and let's change the world of language teaching together 🌍

check out our team page if you'd like to find out a little more about how somos is managed, our plans for the future and approach!

thanks for stopping by!

- khawar | founder & ceo @ somos πŸ‘‹πŸ½:

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our mission at somos πŸš€

we're a social enterprise & edtech startup here to:

empower language teachers to earn and live well

create a diverse community of teachers & activists

ensure access to affordable language education

champion language rights and support migrants and refugees

our vision πŸ’«

at somos, we envision a world where:

language teachers are valued, connected, and thriving in a supportive online ecosystem

learners have access to a wide range of educational options, preserving endangered languages and cultural heritage

language rights are respected and celebrated

migration is recognized as a fundamental human right in theory and practice.

how we want to get there

as a social enterprise, we think how we do business is just as important as why we do it 🀝

with purpose

our work at somos cuts across several of the UN sustainable development goals, with particular focus on equitable education and decent work for all (4 & 8) and reduced inequalities within and among countries (10).

as a collective

somos is structured to be multifaceted, benefiting more than shareholders - all of our stakeholders need to be taken into account when making business decisions. 

with warmth

learning or teaching a language remotely, reconnecting with your heritage, building a business and/or fighting for rights can all be daunting tasks. somos wants to be a welcoming and helpful community for teachers, language learners and activists. 

with a healthy ambition

somos has ambitious goals. not only do we want to be part of the movement sharing and protecting languages & language rights across the world but we also want to support the push for better pay, benefits and protections for workers everywhere.


ambitious as the project is, we’re happy to go slow if it means going together. we will intentionally take time to build our teams, prioritizing shared values over hyper growth.

with a flexible mindset

no doubt the nature of the platform and product will iterate over time based on customer and community feedback. It's important for somos to know when to listen and to be flexible in how we achieve our mission 😁

co-ownership and community building

at somos, we believe in the power of collaboration and co-ownership. 

our impact fund supports our core community partners by not only allocating 1% of gross merchandising value and 1% of any additional revenue but also offering them equity ownership in our business. 

this unique co-ownership approach aligns our long-term goals with our community and ensures that our partners are an integral part of our journey.

teach languages online? see how we can support you!

we're a creator platform on a mission to help language teachers earn & live well.

if you've taught languages online with platforms like preply, italki, and cambly, we'd love to hear from you!

help us build the teaching platform you want from the ground up. 🌍