somos closes second fundraising round, bringing pre-seed total to $100k+ 🚀

updated on 06 March 2024
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somos has raised another round of pre-seed funding to help bring our teacher toolkit to life!

language learning platform somos closed a new round of pre-seed funding at a valuation of $1.9m this month.

the social enterprise set up in october 2021 and has raised $100k+ across two rounds so far.

the community backed edtech venture has 23 investors, many of whom took part in both rounds.

somos has a unique ownership model that allocates equity ownership for the team, language teachers and grassroots community organisations.

what's next at somos?

⭐️ the new funding is to hire new team members via a partnership with open door policy. the singapore based not-for-profit trains & connects refugees to remote work opportunities.

⭐️ somos recently signed a strategic partnership with product accelerator, pmdojo. the partnership will see 5 pmdojo fellows take a new product feature to market for somos in 10 weeks. the cohort will begin work in late august 2022.

⭐️ somos will be launching it's teacher toolkit in q2 2023. check out the product roadmap to keep up to date!

⭐️ somos will be announcing the first of its partners for its impact fund in h2 2023. the fund supports refugees & migrants in diaspora, language rights initiatives, mental health & wellbeing.

join somos 🚀 teach languages, co-own the platform!

🛠️ everything you need to build your online teaching business. 

🎓 host communities, create, sell and teach classes & courses - all in one place!   

🌱 champion language diversity, heritage languages, and language rights.  

🤝 co-owners, not customers. earn shares in somos doing what you love.

find out more

welcome to somos 🚀... an edtech startup? sure, but more than that we're a social enterprise on a mission to create a first of its kind platform co-owned by language teachers...

at somos, we understand that language teachers, especially those teaching minoritized languages, need more platforms that truly value educators and promote linguistic diversity. 🌈

we here to build more than just tools for teaching - we want to be part of movements championing language, migrant & worker rights. ✊🏾

all of our pricing plans (yes, even the free tier) offer paths to co-ownership in somos.

why? we don't want customers, we're inviting co-owners who can help us build a new kind of platform and be rewarded fairly for doing so.

as a co-owner in somos, you'll be a crucial part of a global community celebrating languages, peoples, cultures and fair pay for educators. 

we're aiming to give you the tools to make meaningful connections with students, fellow teachers, activists, and grassroots organizations, all while having the power to create and sell your own digital language products.

we want our mission to cut across not just everything we do but how we do it. 

along with co-ownership for teachers, we also have a community ownership programme for grassroots organisations and have put a unique entry-level hiring programme in place for refugees living in limbo.

ready to transform your teaching and make a real difference? get on board and let's change the world of language learning together 🌍

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