games, grammar & glowing references! learn mexican spanish with Dalia! 🎉

published on 26 July 2022
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welcome to the first somos community spotlight blog!

every quarter, we'll be profiling an online language teacher from our community of teachers 😎

a huge thank you and welcome to Dalia Lozano, our first teacher to take part in the series. let's find out out more about her...

fast facts

⭐️ Dalia is from monterrey, mexico 🇲🇽 but now lives in sweden! 🇸🇪

⭐️ she is a spanish teacher & founder of edtech platform play español. 💻

⭐️ before becoming a language teacher, Dalia was a journalist 🗞

⭐️ Dalia has a wealth of language teaching experience, not to mention a masters in education! 🎓  

⭐️  she has taught courses to adults and to young people in high schools. Dalia has also worked on online language learning platforms like italki.

⭐️ Dalia is passionate about developing material that helps student reach their learning goals!

learning by doing, turning study into action

Dalia completed her masters research at the hyper island school in stockholm. a core part of the programme was "learn by doing" and Dalia was keen to turn this principle into action!

by this point, Dalia had already taught spanish for many years. she understood her students' key problems and wanted to develop an online course to help them.

combining skills with the perfect partner to develop a product

Dalia set out her vision to her husband - a programmer! he loved the idea and the two of them decided to combine their different skill sets and play español was born!

how does learning spanish with play español work?

Dalia loves grammar but understands that not everybody does! one of the challenges was to make grammar an important part of the learning process but in a fun way!

play español uses interactive exercises & simulations to bring spanish language learning (and grammar!) to life 😊

gamification is central to the live classes. it plays a big part in helping students with conversation practice and pronunciation. 

Dalia appreciates that learning a language can be tough! she recommends setting small goals with consistency being key.

she advises learners to "practice every day for at least 10 to 15 minutes". you're much less likely to forget vocabulary and grammar with consistency.   

what Dalia's students have to say...

but what do Dalia's students think? we asked Vickie for her thoughts...

I've been taking lessons from Dalia for about a year now and have learned so much!

Her platform for teaching is full of fun games and interactive experiences that make learning fun!

Dalia is patient, kind and understands the learning process. She is an extremely qualified, professional teacher who truly enjoys helping students learn.

I highly recommend Dalia!

Vickie, student

how can you learn spanish with play español and Dalia?

sign up for play español's august course!

Dalia & play español are accepting applications for their next course now!

the course kicks off in the first week of august 2022 and you can apply here.

helpful resources

Dalia is happy to arrange a free trial lesson via the website. you can also find a range of games, videos, blog posts and podcast episodes 🎉

if you'd like to find out more about play español, you can get in touch with Dalia here:

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